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  Web-enabled Strategic Solutions
Conventional Strategic development is cumbersome, even inconceivable for companies with a great pressure of daily work due to its heavy costs in time, human and material resources required for the programmed meetings and workshops. e-StrategyMapper™ created by ITAP enables the client to develop strategic maps in the cyberspace irrespective of place and time, and minimize the burdens on the bottom line by providing a seamless process online with a variety of related programs embedded.
  Cross-Cultural Human Resources Solutions
Cross-cultural Training and Coaching : We help the executives in charge of international interactions, expatriates, local employees, overseas business partners etc. who work in cross-cultural environment, to grow their Global Leadership and Cross-cultural Competence and to understand other cultures and adapt to global environment. It enables them to decode the others' cultural codes and to modulate one's own language and behaviors adequately by manifesting the cultural differences with the CW(Culture in the workplace), ITAP's own diagnosis tool.
Cultural Awareness and Management : Awareness on the "culture itself" and the cultural characteristics of one's own organization will lead to developing an optimal organizational culture on this basis. ITAP diagnoses the dynamics in the mutual relationships between "Culture as being" (measured by CW) and "Culture as assets" (measured by OCAI), and then provides best ways and methodologies toward the organization's vision on an individual, team, or organizational level.
  Competency Modeling and Implementation
We develop job-by-job Competency Models by efficiently analyzing those competencies required for job performance, using the software (Competency Profiler, Assessor, Transcriptor) developed by ourselves. It helps them to better use their competencies, to be motivated for change by showing the gap between the competency levels actually used in performance and the levels identified by the Competency Model, and to develop relevant programs for strengthening the competencies. Competency Model enables transparent human resources management as it can be used as the basis for every process in the HR management such as recruiting, evaluation, promotion, compensation, education and training, etc.
  Team Process Development Systems
There are many conflicts and dissonances caused by cultural differences in the global environment, and considerable cultural differences are found between different functions or generations even in the local environment. Therefore the productivity in organizations will decrease if we fail to read these cultural codes, with hindered communications and increasing conflicts. Besides, the working style of a team is co-determined by a variety of elements such as leadership, communication, strategy, teamwork, etc.
ITAP measures a teams' competencies utilizing self-developed tools such as GTPQ (Global Team Process Questionnaire) and OTPQ (Organizational Team Process Questionnaire) and huge data accumulated for over ten years, manifests their coordinates compared with worldwide statistical data by industry in its database, improves the competencies of the team and its members by analyzing these findings to suggest appropriate directions for changes, and consequently increases its productivity by improving the team process or working style of the team.
  Change Management Tracking Systems
We approach from the point of the highest urgency of the client's organization among its strategy, culture, competence, learning / action and system etc., and with this as a momentum gradually influencing the other elements, strengthen the dynamics of the changes in the organization.
This approach exposes and measures hidden intangible assets, and consequently establishes CMTS(Change Management Tracking Systems) that enables systematic management and ongoing tracking of changes.
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