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Dr. John W. Bing
Chairman, ITAP International
He is the founder of ITAP International and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan, has focused on cross-cultural issues working for government organizations, NGOs, and academic institutions prior to founding ITAP. Dr. Bing co-developed a powerful tool "CW(Culture in the Workplace)" with Dr. Geert Hofstede and other tools for team process etc., and has successfully built up a global consulting firm covering over 25 countries specializing in organizational development from cross-cultural perspectives.
Stephen Martin
CEO, ITAP EMEA(Europe, Middle East and Africa)
He is the founder of Kimball Consulting Ltd (KCL), ITAP International's European partner. His 25 year career spans international executive and consultancy roles in global financial services and manufacturing, incl. Vice President at Chase Manhattan Group. He specializes in HRM, HRD and OD services, offered with Martin's particular expertise in global competency modelling, HR process and software applications.
Catherine Mercer Bing
CEO, ITAP Americas
She has both internal corporate human resources and external consulting experience in organizational development, learning and development, and as an OD consultant. Her specialties include work in: team building, mission/vision formulation, succession planning, process formulation and implementation, executive/management development and training management.
Saehi Han
CEO, ITAP Asia-Pacific
He is a world traveler who has managed significant businesses in both Belgium and Korea. He received his MBA from the University of Brussels, Belgium, and speaks English and French in addition to Korean. His background, capabilities and previous experience running multi-national operations, have prepared him to deliver the cross-cultural / change management consulting and leadership coaching services. He developed Change Management Tracking System and e-StrategyMapperâ„¢ and became a Global Process Leader in this field. He is overseeing ITAP International's Asia-Pacific operations.