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  We Enable Strategies   We Break Down Barriers
Why the organization exists, where it is now, and to where it wants to go must be clearly known to all the members of the organization. And then, you have to identify and prioritize the needs for change, and focus your resources most effectively and efficiently according to that. ITAP's e-StrategyMapper enables the strategic visualization of the organization so that it can share their vision and successfully achieve their missions. Understanding cultural codes inside and outside the organization is indispensable for survival in the global context of the 21st century. ITAP is one of the pioneers in cross-cultural management in the world. Many organizations have resolved their internal and external conflicts and improved their communications by measuring the characteristics and the differences of the individuals and organizations using the diagnosis tools such as CW(Culture in the Workplace).
  We Make Change Happen   We Grow Competence & Capability
Many organizations fail to change themselves because they disregarded the basic assumptions or the cultural values embedded in the unconsciousness of their people. ITAP's CMTS(Change Management Tracking Systems) measures the invisible values and provides objective data on them, which enables strategic changes by effectively managing the factors and tracking the changes. We develop specific competency models for those competencies required by the organizational vision, and compare them with their present levels. This shows the gap and its priority, motivating them to grow, and help them learn and grow by specific action plans.