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  • We enable global communications by breaking down barriers between
        people and organizations.
  • We help visualize strategic goals and objectives, and develop the pertinent
        competence and capability of the people and organizations.
  • We create systems visualizing and tracking organizational changes in order
        to manage them systematically.
  • ITAP International was established in Princeton, USA, in 1986, and nowadays has become a multinational consulting firm active in 25 countries in the world.
    ITAP co-developed CW(Culture in the Workplaceâ„¢), a powerful diagnosis tool of cultures, together with Professor Geert Hofstede, a renowned pioneer of worldwide cross-cultural studies, and subsequently has developed diverse HRD / OD instruments and solutions such as TPQS(Team Process Questionnaire Systems), Competency Modeling Solutions and CMTS(Change Management Tracking Systems).